The Stampeders

Jack Haynes, 23, is an unemployed clerk formerly of the Anacortis Cannery. A married man, he dreams of providing for his beloved wife Beatrice and their future children so he is more than willing to believe the rumors that gold is for the taking in the Klondike.

Jack's younger cousin-in-law accompanies him more for the adventure than the gold. Still Tom Quincy, 18, has his own dreams. He has been employed as a fisherman since age 13; he dreams of having a fine horse or even one of those new fangled automobiles.

The Sourdoughs


Bill Williams, 31, originally came to the Klondike to work as a logger, but when gold was discovered, he and his brother leased a claim off Bonanza Creek. One of the early arrivals, they have been around the Klondike for two years. Their claim has been producing, but gold doesn't fill the belly when bread is unavailable as it was in the Winter of 1897.

He and Dave have been in the Klondike for too long and dreams of the day that he can afford life on the "outside."

Dave Williams, 29, has looking forward to hiring a few strong hands in the spring with all the new stampeders. The work is hard and lonely. He is also happy to see the influx of women and food into Dawson during June of 1898.

Even if he and his brother can't afford a night with a woman, they can spend a bit of gold on the dollar-a-dance girls.



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