Of the 100,000 people who embarked for the Klondike:

40,000 of them actually reached Dawson

20,000 prospected or worked claims

300 made over $15,000 worth of gold

Out of those 300 who had struck it rich; only 50 kept their wealth for any length of time afterwards.
To put this in perspective, some mining outfits cost as much as $1000 in supplies and transportation.
(Today that’s pretty close to $26,000 in 2011)


Steam ships took an average of 14 days to get to Dawson from Seattle. Tickets were expensive.
Most traveled the sea and land route that Jack and Tom take in Lure. Due to weather and
the backtracking involved on average it took a Stampeder nine months.


The Klondike Goldrush lasted until gold was discovered on the beaches of Nome, AK in July of 1899. Dawson emptied.


To the best of my knowledge, no stampeder witnessed a Siren, Riverwoman, or Mermaid in the Yukon.
Of course, if they had, they would not live to tell about it.



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